About Us

Peter Volk

Peter Volk

PETER VOLK – Owner and Chief Wrench

Peter earned his Mechanic’s License in 1979 and has worked at the following shops since 1976:

  • The Super Bike Centre
  • Toronto Motor Bike
  • Snow City Cycle
  • Yamaha Sports Pickering
  • Motor Sports Pickering
  • Motorcycle Superstore
  • Ontario Honda


James King

JAMES KING – Service Manager

James has been working on motorcycles since the 60’s and is a wizard at solving electrical system problems. He is still riding a 2005 Harley-Davidson Soft Tail after all these years.

Steve Pooran


Steve comes from a family of motorcycle riders and enthusiasts. He has been working on his own motorcycles and those of his friends and family for ten years. Steve co-owns five motorcycles with his father: several of these are in constant stages of modification or experimentation! His passion, obviously, has now become his career at 109 Cycle.

Scott McKay

Scott McKay

SCOTT MCKAY – Service Counter

Scott's long career in the motorcycle industry began in 1975. He worked 22 years at Ontario Honda and has also worked at Yamaha Motor Canada, Suzuki Canada and Canadian Kawasaki Motors.